Dear Editor,
WELL, THE BIG RACE IS ON!! Haven't you noticed? I wish I hadn't!! So far, President Biden's Democratic challengers are remaining rather silent. My gut tells me this is only temporary. I think Kennedy could blow in at any time and knock the feeble old man over. So, hold on. Who is the woman???? Doubtful she can mount a decent challenge. Now, as far as the Republicans, they are like bread dough with too much yeast in the product. Too big!! [I think my yard decor speaks for me!] First, we have the GrandMaster, depending on whether or not you can overlook his problems with other women, January 6th, classified documents, Georgia 2020 election questions, and his company's tax problems. [Just pointing those things out...I'm not the Judge and jury!] Then you have Governor DeSantis, who along with Governor Abbot of Texas, were the FIRST ones to tap the President on the shoulder and point out that THERE IS A BORDER CRISIS!! WAKE UP!! After these two stronger candidates, the field gets rather blurry and hard to recognize. Maybe that's best!Now to the TV ads. Apparently, the man in the White House is running on his accomplishments. What are those again? [I forget every time I see him saunter ever so slowly to the podium wearing his aviator sunglasses and his wispy hair blowing in the non-existent breeze.] I "might" recall IF I get my social security check on time. Kidding aside, I really don't know what they are!I believe that Donald Trump is actually "shaking in his shoes" over DeSantis finally announcing he is running. [I was well prepared for the day!] Oh, Trump won't ever admit it outloud due to his arrogance, but his ads knocking DeSantis prove it. [He has spent more money on these ads than he did in the midterm elections.] IF you listened closely to the ads, the two state, "When Ron DeSantis was in Congress..." He's a two-term governor now. Guess Trump couldn't find enough "ammo" about his governorship. How sad!! [Three weekly polls have shown that DeSantis could beat Biden. [CHEERS!!!] Then the Republicans have their O'bama candidate Tim Scott. If I hear one more, "I was raised by a single mother in poverty" I am going to scream!! Does that mean we should vote for him because he states this fact while holding a Bible? Oh, come on! He does do one thing right in his ad. He points out the really pathetic Democrats in "mugshots." I love it!! That's what Trump should be doing. As of this morning, there were NINE Republicans running. The news stated that at least two more are going to make announcements soon. Eleven...Why not a baker's dozen. Honestly, I don't even know who some of these men are. I think the frequency of Trump and DeSantis ads as well as other candidates' ads will soon be filling our airwaves. [Pass the Pepto, please!!]The topic of debates is becoming more and more frequent. I watch "The View" every morning-at the very beginning-to see who is getting hacked up by their machetes that day. Today, the debates were their topic as far as their favorite, "You know who" or "What's his name." [ case you have forgotten.] They believe Trump should debate those running against him. Hang on to something...I AGREE with them. He needs to remind ALL citizens what his plans are if he is the Republican nominee. I honestly believe Americans should see all these candidates together and be able to compare and contrast them. With all these candidates, however, they will need a stage the size of a football field and a week-long vigil. There is much more to prove than merely stating, "I am running for President of the United States." As far as President Biden, he has stated firmly-with his concerned look-that he will not debate. Frankly, I don't believe he could debate Robert Kennedy, jr., and come out of it in one piece. The man would need an ear plug with someone feeding him the answers to the questions. Face it...the President is slipping from what he was as Obama's vice president to now as President. Sad, but true!The outcome of all these political ads and debates will be a Democratic nominee and a Republican nominee. There must be presidential debates. It's for the good of our country. Actually the presidential debates go back to a series of seven Illinois senatorial debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in 1858. Each debate was three hours each. Once the John Kennedy-Richard Nixon series were held, the concept of presidential debates skyrocketed. It is now fairly universal that bad press results from refusing an invitation to debate. So, we shall see...I believe ALL Americans truly want a President who can deal with the vast number of problems that face both our country and our world. Hopefully, all of the candidates running are running for the right reasons: the good of our country and all of its citizens. Because it will be a heavy burden for any man or woman to bear. Unfortunately, getting to that big election day will be stressful and a headache for us all!!Peggy Kelley


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BL May 30, 2023, 12:52 pm We will see how that all works out.
NJG May 30, 2023, 3:51 pm I will vote for President Biden. All your name calling and nasty comments about our President mean nothing.

As far as DeSantis is concerned, I don't want him turning this country into another Florida. Book banning, women's healthcare for starters. Then his getting involved in the college curriculum and public school and telling them what to study and not study.

If DeSantis should win we would be just like Florida. Is that what you want. Their plan is to win the presidency and the House and Senate. If they accomplish that this country would no longer be the country we love, it would be DeSantis Land and we would be like Florida. IMO I think Reynolds is working to be VP for DeSantis or Trump, whoever wants her. If that happens say goodby to this country as we know it. Iowa is already doing the same thing as Florida and our kids will pay the consequences.

Norma Gould
NJG May 30, 2023, 7:20 pm I just heard DeSantis say if president he would get rid of "leftism" and "wokeism."So how would this country work with no one to care about the poor and the working people because that is what being woke means. Awakened to the needs of others. All the huge tax cuts would go to the rich. We have inequality now but imagine if there was no one on the left to try to slow that down.

This question is for Peggy, are you prepared for what DeSantis would do to this country? Sounds like he wants be an authoritarian.
If republicans end up sending us into default they are all done. This country will vote them all out because we will not allow him to destroy us.

Norma Gould
GB May 31, 2023, 7:02 am NG, I'm not sure what world you think we are living in now, or since "Broke Biden" has been in the Whitehouse but if you do not believe you are living in Disney World and have been for a couple of year, you have missed the boat my friend.
DeSantis has done exactly what he should be doing as Governor of Florida.
Unlike the clown show currently in the Whitehouse.
SG May 31, 2023, 12:22 pm NG - I believe that "woke" means, "Extraordinarily sensitive to cultural topics with the belief that you should consider the following topics to be more important than life itself: 2SLGBRQIA+, race, abortion, climate, homelessness, open borders, science aka whatever Fauci said."
Those who disagree with your stance are labeled ignorant and uneducated. Eg. Screaming the word 'science' when dealing with those hesitant to be vaccinated in response to the COVID outbreak, while now ignoring all of the side effects from said vaccines.
Wokeness also requires "virtue signaling" defined as "the act of publicly expressing opinions in order to demonstrate that you are a good person, but failing to act accordingly." Eg. Saying you are for open borders or think something should be done about homelessness while refusing to open your spare bedroom to take in a random stranger, something Hollywood and elites COULD do, yet...
Or demanding that 'whatever happens behind the bedroom door is no one's business' and now insisting on a 'Pride Month' to again virtue signal that we all care what you do behind the bedroom door." THAT is wokeism.
Wokeism has nothing at all to do with the poor and the working class. "Poor and working-class" are the stump speech words that again you SAY that you care about, yet, every Democrat run state is a hell hole. CA, NY, Chicago, San Fran...ALL woke leadership...all full of homeless, go figure.