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Dear Editor,

Have you ever heard of a man named Dr. Bernard Nathanson? Here are some things that you might want to know about him:

*He was a professionally well-recognized and successful New York obstetrician and gynecologist.

* He was the cofounder of NARAL who trained Planned Parenthood's doctors how to perform abortions in the early 1970's.

*He oversaw at least 75,000 abortions, 5,000 of which he performed himself. This included that of his own child of which he admitted afterward to feeling a fleeting gratification of doing so efficiently.

*He became known as America's "Abortion King' and "Keeper of Abortions's Keys".

*During the Roe vs. Wade hearing he set out to deceive the public, politicians and the Supreme Court Justices by telling blatant lies. (part of the manuever called the Catholic Strategy and the Negro Project.)

*He admitted that during Roe vs. Wade, the statistics of maternal mortality due to self-induced abortion were grossly exaggerated as were other findings.

*In a speech about his attempts to legalize abortion he said, "There was only silence from the opposition. We fed a line of deceit, of dishonesty, of fabrication of statistics and figures; we coddled, caressed, and stroked the press.(...) We were calling ourselves pro-abortionists and pro-choice. In fact, we were abortifiers; those who like abortion. Let me digress and speak for a moment on the question of 'pro-choice', and they euphemistically call themselves now. I reject that phrase, that euphemism. It is misleading. It is dishonest. It implies that in the issue of abortion there is a ethical choice whether to have an abortion or whether not to have an abortion;...Of courseabortion is not an ethical choice.

We succeeded in breaking down the laws limiting abortions because the time was right and the news media cooperated. We sensationalized the effect of illegal abortions, and fabricated polls which indicated that 85% of the public favored unrestricted abortion, when we knew it was only 5%. We unashamedly lied, and yet our statements were quoted by the media as though they had been written in law." (quoted in John Powell, Abortion; the silent Holocaust. Tabor, Allen, Texas. 1981.)

*He said that he had used the "Eight Points of Propaganda" to promote abortion.

*So tortured by the abortions that he conducted, he turned to alcohol, tranquilizers, self-help books, counseling, psycho-analysis and contemplated suicide to end the darkness that he felt.

*While still an Atheist, he changed his mind about abortion just by looking at the science, knowing that there is no doubt life starts at conception. (ultrasound imaging, fetal heart monitoring, hysteroscopy, fetoscopy)

*His pro-life views were completely scientifically based which he made known to all of his audiences

*....Until God showed him the way to mercy and redemption through His grace.

*He spent the rest of his life speaking out for the lives of precious children who deserve the wonderful gift of life.

*While terminally-ill, he gave the author, Terry Beatley, his personal parting message and instructions to teach how he and others purposely deceived our country. She writes of this in her book called, "What if We've Been Wrong?"

*Dr. Nathanson died on February 21, 2011, desperately wanting Americans to be liberated from the lies he once told to the world.

-Jill Struve

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NG May 9, 2022, 11:18 pm So this Dr. has changed his mind about abortion. How is that supposed to help the children who have been raped and are being forced to give birth. Through no fault of their own it is babies giving birth to babies. If a woman's life is in danger, too bad, she will just have to die. Rape, incest, none of it matters as long as the woman is stopped from getting an abortion.

Does anyone get the feeling republicans believe we are second class citizens. I sure do.

Republicans are also talking about outlawing birth control. Senator Marcia Blackburn is one of them. They believe birth control is an abortifacient. Republicans don't want women to remember how they have voted against us in the past. Here is a little reminder.

In 1974 republicans and conservatives voted against the Equal credit act which would allow women to apply for their own credit cards and mortgage. Men should always have to co-sign.

In 1978 they voted against the Pregnancy Act. They wanted employers to have the ability to fire a pregnant woman.

In 1980 they voted against women being allowed to report sexual harassment in the work place. Men will be men is what they thought.

In 2012 they voted against equal pay for equal work for women. They believed men should be paid more.

In 1994 and 2012 they voted against the violence against women act which helps victims of domestic violence and rape and educates law enforcement.

In 1972 they voted against selling birth control to single women until the supreme court made it available for all.

And now they are out to destroy Roe V Wade. Why? I think it is because they are losing control. They liked it better when women were under their thumb and asked permission before doing anything.

Part of it is also religion. Our supreme court is controlled by Catholics and they are allowing their religion to direct them even though there is supposed to be separation of church and state. All of them also said it was settled precedent. Robert Bork was the only one who said what he believed and he got no votes so the rest of them learned it is better to lie.

Texas is even planning on going after women who leave the state to get an abortion. They will hunt you down so they can put you in jail.

Republicans are taking away the rights of women every chance they get. When was the last time they passed a law to control men? A man can impregnate a woman every single day for 9 months. During that 9 months a woman will be pregnant only once. How come it is women the republicans are going after?

We must not allow them the ability to take control of us. They need to be voted out. That is the only thing that will stop them because it is Roe V Wade now but what will be next. They are having discussions about same sex marriage and we know how they feel about the LGBTQ community and trans kids are in jeopardy in some schools as we speak. Yes they will even attack children.

Norma Gould

BE May 10, 2022, 9:42 am Thanks Jill for sharing this article. I found it very interesting but maybe what’s also interesting is the fact that no one on either side of the debate responded to your article makes me think how important it is to speak out for the unborn because they have no voice of their own yet!
LK May 10, 2022, 12:40 pm I am totally pro-choice. A woman should always have a choice. But if that choice is to have sex and she gets pregnant, THAT was her choice. She doesn't get a choice of convenience to have an abortion. There are no mulligans.
If she has sex not of her choosing, through rape or incest, she should have a choice. That percentage is very small. Though I believe God would not condone taking the of a life a baby in the womb, I know He is a God of grace and mercy and would take circumstances into account. That is something each woman would have to come to terms with before Him.
It seemed so ironic to see all the weepy-eyed Mother's Day comments from people who are bent on killing the very ones who would make Mothers if left alone.
Speaking for those who can't,
Linda Kearns
GB May 16, 2022, 6:53 am I sure wish a couple of our folks who always post their opposition to every comment made, would find God as well.
MP May 17, 2022, 3:13 pm Thank you Jill Struve. Life is precious.
I submit to all pro abortionists, if abortion would be illegal except for rape and incest victims, would you agree? I would venture to guess the answer would still be No!
JS May 19, 2022, 7:24 pm Gould, I have enough sins on my soul. I ask for mercy and forgiveness which i can only hope will be granted.

But, killing unborn babies is not one of them!!! I want no part of that.

May God have mercy on those who will not protect life.
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