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EMS Week, which is May 16-22 and is the perfect time to thank paramedics, EMTs and the entire EMS workforce for their service and sacrifices.
Just in time for EMS Week, the North Benton Ambulance Service is welcoming a new director.Anna Demuth a mom of five and wife to Adam, is also a Critical Care Paramedic, Horse show mom, her family helps with her brothers' appaloosa show horses, and the children also show horses.
Anna started in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) when she was in High School, as a driver/assistant with the Jesup Ambulance as a volunteer in 2000. "I grew my passion for EMS by taking the EMT-Basic course at the time, in 2003 from the University of Iowa- EMSLRC. I have worked for and volunteered for various EMS agenciesin Iowa. In 2018, I graduated from Hawkeye Community College with an AAS degree in Paramedicine and became a Nationally CertifiedParamedic. I obtained my Critical Care Paramedic Endorsement in 2019. I have volunteered in the Fire Service as FFI, HazMat Operations, Swift Water Rescue Tech, Fire Instructor," she shared.
Anna is a regular face at the North Benton Ambulance, working full time between 2018-19, and PRN (as needed) through 2020. She then accepted a position at a hospital-based ambulance servicein Manchester at the Regional Medical Center.
Originally from Brandon, the opportunity arose for her to bring her passion and love for EMS back to her home area. Still living in Brandon, she will be able to serve the EMS community and the communities that North Benton Ambulance serves as the Director for North Benton Ambulance. With over 20 years of experience in EMS, she has served for NBA as an EMT and Critical Care Paramedic, and NBA serving the community where she lives. "I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring my experience, passion, drive and love for pre-hospital EMS back to the area. I want to work with the service area First Responders and Fire Departments to provide the best patient care and provide the best patient outcomes through training and educational opportunities," she said.
She encourages anyone interested in serving their community as an EMT or Paramedic to reach out to her. "I would love to help them whether it be finding them a class or training to attend, service to join, or just sitting down to talk about what EMS has to offer; I am here to help," Anna shared. She plans to have the North Benton Ambulance out at community events and invites anyone with questions to feel free to reach out to any of the crew members with questions.
Currently, the North Benton Ambulance Service has around 25 active and/or reserve crew members on call. If you see Anna out in the community be sure to congratulate her on the new position with the North Benton Ambulance Crew!
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