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Vinton Unlimited is on a mission to give "The City of Lights" well, more lights. Especially at Christmas time.

At last week's City Council meeting, Melody Snow, director of Vinton Unlimited, along with Vinton City Council Member Andrew Elwick, spoke in support of adding more lights on C Ave. along the path that would welcome motorists that arrive in Vinton from the South.

There was a discussion about adding lights again to the courthouse. Most of us have fond memories of seeing the lights on the courthouse years ago as you approach the town from the south. In an effort to light the courthouse electric candles are placed in the windows each year. In the past it is believed that the cement walkways were damaged from equipment used to put the lights on the outside of the courthouse, so the practice was discontinued.

Right now there is research being done to see what the laws are concerning placing them along the path as far as the state is concerned. The other problem would be finding storage for the lights and the shortage of extra space.

Is it too soon to put lights up now? Asking for a friend...


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Tyler Henkle May 17, 2021, 3:54 pm Weatherproof uplighting is fun! Colors can change with the seasons and holidays with some simple programming. With permanent installation, there wouldn’t be anything to store:)
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