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Benton County Reminds Residents COVID-19 Still Spreading in Benton County

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation Monday allowing the reopening of some business types and lifting gathering requirements for certain counties beginning May 1. The proclamation applies to 77 counties in Iowa where COVID-19 activity remains lowest.The new guidelines do not apply to organizations in Benton County due to ongoing COVID-19 activity.

Home Birth Interest Increases Amidst Coronavirus Concerns

Pregnant women have found themselves a casualty of the many restrictions and concerns related to the pandemic. For a brief time, until the outcry persuaded the governor to issue an executive order allowing women to have labor support, hospitals in New York were prohibiting laboring women from having any labor support—including their partner. Pending location, some women are being told they’ll have to wear a mask during their labors even when they’re not sick.
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Public Health Proclamation Tightens Restrictions for Benton County Residents

Governor Reynolds issued a proclamation April 16, 2020, tightening restrictions for Benton County residents to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the county and the state.“Our region of the state has reached the threshold for which extra measures are needed,” said Benton County Public Health Director Katie Cox. “This threshold includes regional measures of the rate of COVID-19 illness and hospitalization, long-term care outbreaks and the percentage of the population age 65 and older.

Benton County Explains COVID-19 Testing

Benton County Public Health has received many questions from residents about how and when individuals are tested for COVID-19, and what happens after the testing is completed.“The health and well-being of our county’s residents is our number one concern,” said Benton County Public Health Director Katie Cox. “Testing is a critical component of the response to COVID-19, but the most important thing everyone needs to remember is that if they are having severe symptoms, they should contact their health care provider right away.

Benton County Reminds Residents Social Distancing is Important Outdoors, Too

Benton County Public Health thanks all residents that are following social distancing guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to remember to follow these guidelines even when outside.“We encourage residents to spend time outdoors when possible because it’s beneficial to mental health and physical activity is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Benton County Public Health Director Katie Cox.

FDA Requests Recovered COVID-19 patients to Donate Plasma

As part of the all-of-America approach to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been working with partners across the U.S. government, academia and industry to expedite the development and availability of critical medical products to treat this novel virus. Today, we are providing an [upd] on one potential treatment called convalescent plasma and encouraging those who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma to help others fight this disease.

VGH Family Medical Clinics open to Provide Medical Services

The Virginia Gay Family Medical Clinics in Vinton, Urbana, Atkins and Van Horne are open and continue to provide the same excellent medical care to our communities you’ve come to expect. The difference now is we’ve changed our processes a bit to keep you and our staff as safe as possible during this COVID19 pandemic. This includes alternate entrances and telehealth visits when necessary.

Benton County Public Health Advises Against Easter Travels

 Easter and spring holidays are a traditional time of family gatherings, celebrations and observances. Like many other events and activities, Benton County Public Health advises residents that these observances should be different this year. “We know many families gather together over Easter and Passover,” said Benton County Public Health Director Katie Cox.

COVID-19 Death Confirmed in Benton County

The Benton County Department of Public Health today announced the first death associated with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the county. “We wish to extend our sympathy to this individual’s family,” said Benton County Public Health Director Katie Cox. “Benton County Public Health and all of our key partners throughout the county and state continue to work to limit the spread and impact of this virus in our communities.

FDA Coordinates National Effort to Develop Blood-Related Therapies for COVID-19

Shared by request of the FDA:The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to play a critical role in accelerating medical countermeasures to treat and prevent COVID-19. As part of the response to this pandemic, the agency is taking the lead on a national effort to facilitate the development of, and access to, two investigational therapies derived from human blood.
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