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Tomorrow am (Saturday, March 7) our demolition crew will begin the first stage of our 20th Birthday Concession Stand Remodel!

We WILL remain open during the project, however, the right side of the lobby will no longer be accessible until the work is complete. We will be serving limited concessions on the stage - popcorn, candy, and bottled and canned drinks. There will be no fountain pop available, and no concessions available during the show.

Be sure to attend the movie every week during our rehab so you can check out our progress!

AND! There is still time to donate to our 20th Birthday Concession Stand project. See the DONATE NOW button below or ask fo info at the Box Office. We have almost reached our goal and would so appreciate your help!

I was just thrilled to be reminded of everything Jim Carrey can do when he lets himself riff. -Amy Nicholson, Film Week

The movie's bright visuals and snappy rapport between Marsden and Schwartz keep things silly and alive, never taking itself too seriously but rarely being too light to be outright dismissed.
-Matthew Passantino,
Big Picture, Big Sound


SONIC The Hedgehog

Friday, March 6 through Thursday, JMarch 12 at 7 pm
Wednesday, March 11 at 2 pm

Rated PG
Running Time 99 minutes

Kiddos, this one's for you, AND YOUR PARENTS!

Rotten Tomatoes rates Sonic The Hedgehog a whopping 64% (critics) and 93% (audiences). That's a bright, juicy, red tomato on the tomato meter!

Sonic, a snappy litle super hero film about a spunky blue hedgehog, is a live-action adventure comedy based on the Sega video game. Sonic and Tom (James Marsden) join forces to try and stop the villainous Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domination. The usual super hero scenario iwith a lively blue rodent.

Thanks so much to our patrons and donors for your continued support of the Palace Theatre. Remember, the absolute best way to contribute is to come see a movie. Invite a friend!


See you at the Palace!

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