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WE ARE PUTTING OUR Community Reinvestment Fund dollars to work!

At the August meeting, the ECI REC Board of Directors voted to use the Cooperative's Community Reinvestment Fund to give a monetary donation of $20,000 to the Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition. This donation will assist Benton County residents affected by the August 10 derecho.

The Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition is a nonprofit organization that meets the needs of community members affected by disaster. The Coalition was organized after the 2008 flood to assist residents with unmet needs after all other sources of assistance had been exhausted-a mission it continues today. Coalition members include various service agencies and volunteers from our local communities.

The ECI REC Community Reinvestment Fund was created in 2003. It is funded by unclaimed patronage retirement checks. As opportunities or needs arise, ECI REC uses the fund to support the communities we serve. The distribution of funds focuses especially on community, health, and youth initiatives.

Cover photo: ECI REC CEO Teresa Floyd and Scott E. Hansen, Benton County Emergency Management and chairperson of the Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition.


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