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Over 10 local friends of the Benton County Bullring Lil Racer Car Club have provided baskets of their own items that they create and/or sell every day to be given away to lucky moms this Sunday in the club. How does this all come about? It's one of our favorite weekends, to celebrate moms on their special day.

Lil Racers are given prize tickets each week when they arrive at the track and pick up their "swag bags" filled with stuffed animals, racing flags, coloring pictures and colors and a few items that are interchanged. Normally they would wait until their last three numbers were called, to come to the clubhouse and pick up the prize they won. On Sunday, these tickets will be placed in bright red buckets in front of the basket THEY wish to win and present to their moms for Mother's Day! Each basket will be displayed on a table for fans to admire and Lil Racers to inspect. ONE ticket will be drawn at intermission from EACH basket and all numbers will be announced by the track AND displayed on our Facebook page at Lil Racer Car Club INC for the moms to stop by and pick up.

We will draw for our Weekly "Lil Racer of the Week!", have freezer pops AND juice boxes available for free , and free trophies, JUST for coloring us a picture!

See You Sunday at the Benton County Speedway Bullring Lil Racer Car Club!

"It's ALL About the Kids!".


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