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By SAGE HOLMES VT Sportswriter
INDEPENDENCE - The Vikette track and field team took to Lyle Leinbaugh Field in Independence for the Mustang Invitational. They were the team champions with 154 points. Junior sprinter Leah Hendrickson was third in the 100 meter dash and second in 200 meter dash/. Sophomore Brylee Bruce won the discus and was fourth in the 200 meter dash. Sophomore Sohpia Kreutner won the shot put. Freshman Peytin Clemensen was third in the long jump and 400 meter dash. Sophomore Katherine Weets was fifth in the 400 meters. Kayla Griffith won the high jump. Cameryn Stephens and Sydney Walton were second and fourth respectively in the 800 meters, Molly Haisman won the 1500 meters, Justyce Dominick was fourth in the 100 meter hurdles and Keira Ott was fifth in the 400 meter hurdles.



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