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Vinton-Shellsburg's Voyager dance team faced a lot of challanges in the 2020-21 season, but Saturday night they put it all behind them with a spectacular Spring Show, "The Last Dance."

Like most programs, the Voyagers' season was disrupted by Covid, the Derecho, and the realities of the time. But under returning head coach -- and Voyager veteran -- Melanie Davis, and assistant coach and 2020 Voyager grad Allissa Hendrix, the 22-member squad put together a great season.

The show featured many of the squad's best performances from the school year, along with guest appearances from Joan Cooling's Dance Center's pom squad, the delightful members of Saturday's Voyager Dance Clinic, the Vinton-Shellsburg cheerleading squad, the back-flipping and girl-tossing members of the Country Coed number and the incredibe efforts the Kyle Koeppen Dancers (VSCSD Staff) and their featured dancer, Rich Haisman.

And intermixed throughout the night were solos from seven Voyagers in Daniel Hughes, Raegann Neilson, Zena Aragon and seniors Marjorie Davis, Alli Kemp, Taylor Shipley and Jenna Pattee.
If you missed it, you really missed something. The links follow (you'll notice there aren't words across the pictures...not our thing)...

Team dances

Dance Clinic

Kyle Koeppen Dancers

Daniel's solo

Marjorie's Solo

The Cheerleaders

Taylor's solo

Alli's Solo

Country Coed

Zena's Solo

Raeganne's Solo

Jenna's Solo


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