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Alright, it's official. I loved the demolition derby. I remember vaguely going to the race track once with my dad when I was little, but I think it was only because he had helped to repair one of the cars for a race.

I have to admit, I was thinking when it was about to start, "Why in the WORLD are the making the track wet? They canceled last night BECAUSE it was too wet!" Then I realized it was so that the demo-ing didn't actually kill anyone with the traction from a dry track.

I loved watching the tanker truck and the huge tires moving back and forth across the track working the water into the ground, hey, my dad was a semi driver so I love big trucks anyway.

I was fascinated with the beating that a car would take before it would actually die. And I have to admit I was cheering for the little blue car that had nothing left but the front seat and the motor, it reminded me of the Herbie movie where Herbie splits in half and keeps driving. The poor thing was being smashed into by two cars that still had their rear ends intact, ya know, pick on the guy that was down and about out. With three cars left in the race, the two cars that were intact decided it would be a good idea to gang up on the blue car that was down to the front seat. Somehow the two other cars ended up dying and the crowd went nuts when the blue car took off with the win. Driving off the field while they had to carry away the guys that thought they had him. I think the little car said something like, "Is that all you've got?"

As I sat there watching and grinning, I also decided that races are too noisy for me, I need to protect those ears for better things like playing music. But a demolition derby every week, THAT I could watch, the noise wasn't quite as bad.

Dr. Danger was there also, and did a couple of stunts, one being the wall of fire that you could literally feel the heat from in the stands.

I had so much fun watching cars being smashed in the good-hearted fun. The only sad thing I saw, was when a car that looked about as nice as mine being driven over a ramp to be rolled on purpose, now that to me was a waste! I should have talked to them before the show to make a trade!

All in all, it was a wonderful wrap up after an exhausting week of picture taking, who knew that could be so tiring? So thanks to all the guys and gals for putting together such a fun show. Finally, a sport that I understand!

As always, here are the pictures!

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