The Little Dunkers will hold 3 events at Tilford Elementary on

February 25, 26, and 28, at 6-6:45 p.m.

The Price for this event is $20.00 (Standard charge)

This is coed event with 16 openings remaining.

Standard registration opens: Feb 1, 2019
Last day for standard registration: Feb 21, 2019
Internet registration opens: Feb 1, 2019
Last day for Internet registration: Feb 21, 2019


This event is for Kindergarten age children and will be held at Tilford Elementary. A fee of $20, includes a small basketball.

Date for the final sign up is Thursday, February 21, there will be a maximum of 20 participants!

*New this year: each child must have a caregiver that will participate with them.

This event will help the children to learn the basics of dribbling, passing & shooting at our Kindergarten basketball camp!

(Available only for V/S School District youth.)

If you would like to register click here!

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