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Dear Editor,

Vinton is the place to be; to live. I speak from my position of an 85. year old male living in a local nursing home. My wife arrived in Vinton three years ago, me two.Our family learned that the Virginia Gay Hospital Rehab facility was one of the best in the area ( we lived in Hiawatha at the time). Our daughter and myself decided to move to Vinton as well; last year I joined my wife.Within "steps " we have our doctors, visiting specialists, physical therapist, sleep study, X-ray, And all the diagnostic equipment the big boys have. The blood Lab is the best! Who hasn't used or heard of one terrific emergency department at Virginia Gay Hospital! We also have an outstanding Pharmacy that keeps up supplied with medicine, provides delivery services and maintains records for insurance. I can testify that had I hadn't had the tight cooperation between the nurses of VGHR, the VGH Emergency Dept., Dr. Silbernagel, and the hospital staff one evening, I would by dead! Particularly if you're retired, moving to Vinton would be wise to consider. And you can drive a golf cart in town ( think of the gas money you'd save).Lee Overton

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BT December 2, 2022, 4:47 pm Ditto. We feel exactly the same. We moved to Vinton in 2008. Loved it ever since.
DH December 13, 2022, 12:11 pm Just don't forget the inconvenience of no more dialysis for residents is causing a major pain for people to get up earlier and travel OUT OF THE COUNTY! Businesses want people to shop local, but can't get all medical attention local. Makes no sense to me why they stopped dialysis anyway. Except some party was missing out on $$$?

Editor's Note: I believe that was the decision of the company providing treatment, not necessarily the local medical providers.
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