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Dear Editor,

I believe I'm among the luckiest, no, most fortunate, a person you'll know.

My wife is safely and thoughtfully cared for in the Virginia Gay Rehab facility managed expertly by Jessica Henkle. Meanwhile, I live with my daughter in a friendly condo community called Cedarview which is across the Parking lot of the hospital complex.The golf cart allows me the freedom to drive to see my wife, attend coffee with the "wise guys" at the shelter house for coffee. Of course, I can take the cart to all of my doctor appointments. Fortunately, Dr. Silbernagel accepted me into her care. Most of my specialists come to the hospital clinic so I don't have to travel. And if you need rehab, Mark will set you up if you need lab work, good and fast! And no waiting for the big machinery in the city; MRI, CT scan, X-Ray, sleep study, Ekg, all that and more. Yep, I've used the ER also! Wow, I was impressed! Then to be able to hop on the very accommodating Benton County Rides for 4 bucks round trip to anywhere in Benton County, well you can't beat that! And the dependable "Meals on wheels," those volunteers are great.There are many other things that make Vinton a great place for seniors like having a terrific pharmacy like LaGrange's, who is reasonable and delivers my medications, free! You'll be welcome in Vinton, we love it here!
Lee R. Overton

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