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Ms. Gould,

Your ignorance shows - that war did not last 20 years 1964-1975. The Vietnam War was first started with Advisors and Green Berets ordered in by John F. Kennedy, a Democrat. After his assassination with Lyndon Johnson as the new President, a Democrat and with the CIA creating Coup after Coup of South Vietnam leaders we got deeper and deeper into the conflict until sometime in the 65-68 era it turned into America's War.

Later under the Command of General Westmoreland, our Combat troops numbered approximately 500,000 give or take, I took part in that war temporary duty on operation Young Tiger based at U-Tapao Royal Tai Air Force Base Thailand. We had fighter bases at Udorn as well. There were at least two squadrons of B-52 bombers as well as two squadrons of KC-135 Stratotankes. I served as a co-pilot with the rank of Captain on KC-135s. We did refueling operations all over the area which was known as the SEA - Southeast Asia Theater.

You should know that Republican President Richard Nixon negotiated a cease-fire agreement with the North. They violated that agreement in 1975 by invading the South. And our present President as a Senator blocked funding to the South Vietnamese Armed Forces which guaranteed their defeat, and in my opinion, he is still incompetent and wrong on foreign policy matters.

We abandoned all those Vietnamese who assisted American and Allied Forces which precipitated the debacle of the helicopter on the roof of our Embassy attempting to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Millions died in The South as well as Cambodia and Laos due to Communist Dictators.

If you want a reliable reconstruction of our mission there as well as how our leadership was derelict and should have been impeached I suggest you read "Dereliction of Duty " By General H. R. McMaster. You just may learn something.

As an aside our armed forces never lost a battle. The bravery and courage of our soldiers and airmen is our tradition. WE served with honor and distinction. Our Army lost 3,000 helicopters and our Navy and Airforce lost 600 fighter aircraft.

Courage and bravery are our traditions as I said we won the battles but lost the War.


John Stiegelmeyer

Editor's note: The Legion recognizes the Vietnam War as running from February 28, 1961 TO May 7, 1975

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Gerald Bates August 19, 2021, 8:15 pm John, thank you for serving our country.
Gerald Bates August 19, 2021, 8:40 pm As usual, Norma and Darrin responded while continuing to either be misinformed, ignorant or blinded to the facts. Watching CNN or MSNBC doesn't do much to help with the credibility you both so desperately seek. They were the same media sources who refused to cover the stories of the corruption associated with Joe Biden and his son. So for you to even suggest anyone with an ounce of intelligence should refer to either of those sources for actual and real news, would be comparable to suggesting we should be watching Sponge-Bob or reading the Funny Papers in Sunday's Gazette for news. No thank you. It would appear you have gotten enough news from those sources already.
Norma Gould August 19, 2021, 9:01 pm My question was why didn't you mention the Vietnam war when you mentioned all the other wars? You didn't want to talk about another disaster started by republicans that never should have happened. Republicans are good at that and then blame someone else. Now Trump is blaming President Biden for the with drawl that was his plan. Again typical republican. Norma Gould
Darrin Lindsey August 21, 2021, 10:59 am Gerald Bates, I did not tell you what new network to watch. I replied to your comment that MSNBC had been covering the disaster in Afghanistan for four solid days. Contrary to what you said, about them not covering it at all. You can watch what ever you feel compelled to watch. You've been brainwashed to only believe what you want to hear, so it doesn't much matter. Our countries most notorious con artist, (the former guy in our White House) is calling all of your shots for you. You just follow along behind. That's what they do. Many tests have been done around the world, about the types of government the citizens want. It's been proven that 30-33% of all earthlings prefer an Authoritarian ruler. They're only concerns are for security and freedom. They want to be told what to think and what to do. The 30-33% that want that, are predominantly people that have lived under a dictator. None of them enjoy any type of freedom. They just feel free, because they're only listening to one person. The previous guy (the con artist) *will* be charged with the crimes he's committed. You *will* be told to not believe your eyes and ears. Just like Hitler and Mussolini told their citizen slaves. Don't forget to stock up on Ivermectin. It'll be hard to find in the coming months.
Darrin Lindsey August 21, 2021, 11:25 am Oh, Mr. Bates, I forgot to address something. There was no corruption in Ukraine, involving Joe Biden. You only accept what you want to hear on that matter. What Joe Biden did in Ukraine, was carry out the foreign policy orders of our country. Governments, all around the world, knew that the prosecutor in Ukraine wasn't investigating the corruption of many companies, including Burisma. He was tasked with forcing the Ukraine president to fire the prosecutor, in order to continue receiving aid promised to them. Maybe you'll remember a laptop that Giuliani gave to a computer expert. Somehow, "he had gotten Hunter Biden's laptop". The computer expert later admitted that it wasn't Hunter Biden's laptop. It was an empty laptop that Giuliani had given him, and tasked him with making it look like it was Hunter Biden's. He also manufactured false information about the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, that lead to her being falsely recalled from that position. Giuliani has been disbarred in at least 3 jurisdictions now, with criminal indictments issued for his crimes, dealing with Ukraine. But, go ahead and keep believing only what fits your needs to fire up your rage. Fool you once, shame on the con artist. Fool you twice, shame on you.
Gerald Bates August 22, 2021, 2:39 pm Laughing-Lindsey, It always amazes me how much you know that just isn't so. Do you honestly believe a Ukraine oil company hired Hunter Biden to sit on their board for $50,000 a month based on his knowledge of the oil business? The entire Biden Mob Family has been taking kickbacks from foreign governments and awarding big government contracts to family members for decades.
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