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Thank you to all of the men out there that drove around in their pickups and tractors complete with blades on the front of them this weekend. Thanks especially to every guy out there that took a ribbing from the women in their lives about their "toys." Thank you to the guys in the small tractors, the four wheelers, the ATV's.

When we get as much heavy snow as we did this weekend, every woman that has to shovel is looking out the window in hopes of one of those knights in shining armor to roll up and plow the driveway, or hoping that someone with a snowblower will have pity on them and stop by. For those that own a snowblower and just stroll through the neighborhood with the machine fired up on your way to or from your house, thanks for clearing that extra sidewalk that you didn't have to.

I drove around a bit on Sunday morning and saw all of these men out there, and I appreciated the work that they are doing. The many folks that shoveled all of the walkways within hours of the snowfall stopping, was impressive. Granted, if you DON'T the city will thump you with a fine for not clearing the walks!

There were women out there shoveling and snow blowing as well, and bless your hearts, I wanted so badly to find some help for you. This one was not some light fluff.

Yes, I know, it's not correct in some circles to salute our men when they step up and take care of the hard work that needs to be done. But at the same time, I realize if it weren't for the hardworking men in our community who step up when it's cold and often a tough job, we'd all be staring out the window until summer unable to get around. It's days like this that we apologize for making fun of all the big boy toys in the garage and the time you spend rigging up a plow.

Thank you to all of the parents who have taught your kids that shoveling results in spending money. To those who have so kindly gone out of your way and helped an elderly neighbor, friend or relative, thank you from someone who appreciates that extra kindness to those in our community.

I know, it's Iowa, and snow happens. I know this is not news. On days like today, the kindness of strangers, the hard work of most of these men in their plows, and pushing the snowblowers, and shoveling, don't go unnoticed.

Clearing the snow from around the Presbyterian was a monumental task and took over an hour to accomplish.

Clearing the snow in the southernmost part of town...

and at the courthouse...

and downtown...

It was THAT kind of snow!

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Don't forget the women out there that plow!

By: Ross Coder on February 1st 12:46pm
I don't know where you get the idea that only men move snow. Also a bit offensive is the idea that women are standing around hoping that some man will come to the rescue. (Ok, a lot offensive.)

Editor's note: I have neither belief.
By: Avery Arbuckle on February 2nd 10:26am

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