"It's time to watch the City Council in session," the reminder on my phone said. "Perfect!"

"Your connection is unstable," my computer said, over, and over. Then Zoom appeared and disappeared.

However, from the bits and pieces that I COULD hear and see, from my connection on satellite, it sounded like the City Council had indeed been enjoying that Christmas Eggnog. For some reason, the audio would load and playback really slowly giving the speech part of it a comical slurred speech.

I listened really hard and then busted out laughing from my place on this side of the computer screen.

Now I know what you're all going to say, "Get iVinton!" or you SHOULD be saying that. I finally gave up. There are other options for live streaming like Facebook live, which seems to work so much better than Zoom. Or even the Benton County Board of Supervisors have gone to a YouTube channel which works smoothly too. (Look them up when you have some time) But Zoom? Well, evidently it's not "Zoom-ie" enough to get the meeting up to the satellites and back down to my house.

It did give me a bit of a reason to laugh though. What I was seeing were the people that I enjoy watching live. Usually they are at their places behind their desks, all professional-like, discussing the current events of the town. But the meeting was comical, coming across in a way that I've never seen any of them, and that made me chuckle, oh alright I gave it a roar of laughter. Pick your favorite council member or the mayor and picture them speaking in a really slurred speech pattern, dragging out their words. I half expected to see a mug of beer being sloshed onto the table following each remark and then I waited for an accompanying loud burp, but alas, I was disappointed.

I'm still chuckling thinking that this might make a great comedy show, calling it something like, "The COVID Council Connection." Man, I'll be glad when we can all be together again, in person!

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Thanks for the laugh! I also wonder why Zoom doesn’t seem to broadcast as well as YouTube or Facebook. I’ve had the same experience. You made my day, thanks for the chuckle!
By: Patty Morgan on December 15th 2:33pm

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