Dear Editor,

I am having a hard time with the statements made by a Marion police officer about
threats (during a TV story which included an interview with VT editor). Did he mean that the police officers decide if the threat is credible? If the threat
was said in the heat of the moment? If the person that made the threat is sorry that
they did? (More than likely if a police officer is asking if they meant it-the answer will
be NO!)

I was arrested for telling a police officer "I'm not going to let you take my truck!" That
was said in the heat of the moment. Obviously I'm not big enough to stop a tow truck!
Was that a credible threat? Well, it was credible enough to get me to jail!

If an officer gets to decide, I think that gives the officer too much discretion, I believe it
should be illegal for anyone to threaten to shoot another person, especially if the
person that was threatened feels THREATENED! Arrest them for the threat and let
them prove that it was a joke or whatever! Leaving it up to an officer or just one person
leaves too much room for arbitrary prosecution. "Good ole boy" effect!

Justice is supposed to be blind. Police officers are code enforcers, either it is illegal or
unlawful or it isn't. They should not get to decide who gets a free pass or who gets
arrested. Especially when it involves local government. The Patrol cars say "To serve
and protect" - The Supreme court says that the police have no duty or obligation to
serve or protect any given citizen, they protect the community! The "community" is a
corporation. A corporation run by our local government.

Can't even say they are "code enforcers"! My experience has been the officers being
directed by another City Employee on what action they were to carry out, even if the
action did not follow a code. So do I want them to decide if a threat is credible? Heck

That is what a jury of your peers is for.

Tim & Jane Osborn

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Comments (3)

Wish I had context for this. I know of a threat that was made. But, what does the Marion police have to do with something that happened in Vinton?
By: Darrin Lindsey on February 10th 12:53pm
Exactly! What does the Marion Police have to do with what happens in Vinton?
Please don't make this incident about you and your issue with your vehicle being towed and some sort of disorderly conduct on your part resulting in your arrest.
This isn't about you. This is about a member of our community who is an honest voice of truth and facts being physically threatened by a council member for reporting the truth! The Mayor needs to take action.
By: Gerald Bates on February 11th 9:11am
The Marion police officer was interviewed by tv9 when they reported about the threat that took place in Vinton! I believe tv9 was finding what the operating procedure for local police departments in Iowa on verbal threats. I am not making it about my situation, it was a comparison. I'm sorry if it seemed that way. That was not my intention.

Jane Osborn.

By: Jane Osborn on February 12th 2:19am

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