I love politics for the most part. I have to admit I've never gone to so many presidential rallies in one year before, but I found it fun, entertaining and I really did enjoy seeing the candidates up close and personal.

Next week all of the political ads will take a bit of a break and I predict that Iowans will choose Joe Biden.



Tom Steyer has convinced us that he really is a LOT like Trump, and I’m not sure if Steyer has figured out that in his world, that is NOT a good thing, but hey we learned that rich guys can buy a spot on the stage. And seriously, when you have that much money, lose the belt of many colors, I couldn't hear your commercials for a long time over being distracted by the belt. I know, you wear it for sentimental reasons, but ya can't if you're running for President. Yeah, I know all the Steyer fans will say, "Valerie, how shallow!" I know it, I'm just saying I spent more time trying to figure out what the deal was with his belt than what he was actually saying.

Elizabeth Warren. Have you ever really loved a song or a music group until you saw them in person? For me, that was Warren. Going into this I felt like she had the best shot. Why? She had that sweet voice that made me listen to what she said, which is the exact opposite of Trump's brash voice. To me, her strength was her ability to pack a punch with her words in her ever so sweet sounding voice. For some reason, it feels like to me that she lost that in her scramble to the top. Sharing the beer with us on I think it was a YouTube video was laughable, do ya really think she's a beer drinker? I don't I take her for more of a whine connoisseur, but maybe she really is into beer, who knows. I have to admit, I think she tried really hard to say, "I'm not old, like Joe and Bernie. See I can run and fist pump and be hyper just like the young 'uns." I don't know why, it just looks funny, and looks matter. I'll give ya this. I loved it when they show her tying her tennis shoes and heading out and the smile she gives on the last commercial before going in to address the audience, those made her feel real to me, THOSE were the glimpses that made my heart melt a little toward her. However, if I were a betting woman I’d say she will be a very close second.

Bernie. The crazy-haired guy that nevah, evah uses hairspray, unlike the president who for some reason hasn't marketed his own Trump Hairspray. I think Bernie appeals to the college kids who haven’t learned that there reall is nothing free, someone somewhere us paying for it. I don’t think the mainstream democrat in Iowa will be sold on him. The college kids are but remember they say brains aren't fully developed until your mid 20's...about the time you start paying your own bills. And from the litter in the neighborhood, I see Bernie has people out literature in the neighborhood from the trash on the ground.

Amy Klobuchar. I loved Amy. She was funny. Even when she was poking fun at the other side her jokes were actually funny. I laughed and really did enjoy listening to her. She was the only one I've seen that could pull it off. That's why she won't win she has a great sense of humor, oh, and she's a woman. She acts like a lady, talks like a lady. Therefore she cannot win. (ladies go ahead tell me that those are bad reasons, I have a question for you when you do.) I do have to admit looking on I wish they would have used her humor in her ads, but then people would say she wasn’t serious I suppose.

Pete Buttigieg. I honestly think it was just too little too late. I'm not sure if I was just so busy trying to get a good angle for my camera, but he didn't catch my attention, and the stop felt a bit rushed because, well it had to be since he was supposed to be an hour away, in about an hour.

Let's see who's left?

Andrew Yang, I've only seen his commercials on TV, and know that he wants to give everyone $1,000 a month, I THINK it's just for those on Social Security but maybe he meant everyone in the nation. Either way, like someone said whom I've never talked politics before, "WHO'S going to have to pay for it? We're already in debt and haven't figured out how to stop that!" Anyway, It doesn't feel like he's had any traction here in Iowa.

I think Michael Bloomberg is still hanging around. The guy won't win, all I know about him is that he's from New York, the Mayor of NYC, home of a lot of issues that he can't seem to help. Haven't seen him here either, so I'd guess, he's not going to win a caucus.

The New York Times has a fun quiz that you can take to match up your views to the candidates. Now if you are undecided, DON'T let this "rig the election."

Ironically, after I just did the quiz, it thinks that I line up with Joe Biden's thinking. I'll tell you why I think Biden will take it.

Everyone has a crazy uncle Joe and that's who Biden reminds us of. He says terrible things at the wrong times. He challenges old veterans to a push up contest. He tells people that he needs a good VP because, well, he's old. He pushes a guy around after being asked about climate change. However, he has a nice wife who made time to visit us in Vinton. But there's something about Joe.

Maybe it's just his name as in a cup of joe. Maybe it's that he's not perfect which makes us like him more. Maybe that he's just down to earth and in Iowa, we really like that. Maybe it's the moments like the one he shared with the Holmes' when he came to Vinton. Whatever it is, he feels safe. Maybe it's because he's actually been pretty close to the seat already and that makes us trust him.

Do I think he'd beat Trump? No way.

Who do I think could beat Trump, probably Tom Steyer. Face it. They are so much alike from what I've seen. Both rich, both think they are the greatest.Both are just cocky enough it would make a great debate. I'd honestly love to see the two of them go up against each other. Steyer doesn't have baggage for Trump to dig through, and Trump has plenty. But alas Steyer, doesn't have the traction he needs. You can buy commercials. You can use your money to get on a debate stage, but you can't buy votes, well, not enough in Iowa anyway.

So anyway, I'm going to predict Joe for the win in Iowa.

And on the Republican side, it will be a huge Trump train with probably more passengers than the last election, thanks to the timely impeachment fiasco.

But hey, caucus prediction are fun, let's see how I do tonight! (and I guess there are still more candidates out there, but those are the ones that stood out in the crowd to me, or ones I had thoughts on, or ones that came to town and that put them on my radar.)

Be sure to go out and be part of your caucus. What else is there to do on a Monday night in February in Iowa anyway?

Oh, if you’re curious other Democrats running for President include Michael Bennet of Colorado, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, Deval Patrick if Massachusetts.

There are other Republican candidates running, like they have a chance against an incumbent...Joe Walsh of Illinois a tea party candidate and a former Governor of Massachusetts, William Weld.

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