One of our last missions in the country of Thailand:
We were to refuel a flight of four F-105s. All we knew was a cell of two KC-135 Tankers and four F-105 crossed the hostile fire line heading East. Wolf Flight had the names of their drivers on the side of the aircraft near the canopy rail all were of field grade rank (majors and above). We were to top them off going into the "package" and refuel them coming out on their way home. The first refueling was routine and we orbited waiting for their return. On guard channel which our radios automatically monitored came to life with "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Wold three just crashed!" Our Cell leader knew instinctively that Wolf Flight would fly cap until search and rescue arrived. So he immediately turned to the East and we followed. No request for permission for HQ - we just did what was right. We never learned why he struck the ground during his bomb run -- injury, aircraft damage, or target fixation. One more pilot KIA. We found out later this was his 99th mission. So close to completing the Magic 100 with a ticket back to "The World". Fate is the hunter.

John Stiegelmeyer

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Thank you for doing what was right. God bless the ones that were listed as KIA, I have no idea.....none...of what that is like. NEVER Forget...
By: Connie Barnes on May 24th 5:33pm

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