In Memory of Joe Lynn Fowler

On May 16th, Fifty years ago Joe Lynn Fowler, Vinton native son and hero, died in Vietnam fighting for his country, and possibly even more protecting the men in his Platoon.

John Nolan,
4th Platoon Leader,
D-1-8, 4th Infantry Div.

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Comments (2)

We have 3 Vietnam vets buried here in Vinton. Joe Fowler, Ron Johnson and Wayne Wutzkie. As the SGT at Arms for the American Legion, I try to keep grave markers and flags on the graves 24/7. Sad to say it's hard to keep them there. For Joe's grave, someone swiped the flag and cast flag marker. I will attempt to get another. forever grateful...Larry
By: Larry Driscol on May 15th 4:35pm
Grateful for your service and ultimate sacrifice. Blessings to your family too.
By: Julie Hansen on May 15th 5:04pm

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