The other night I had 3 events happening in 3 different locations.

Obviously, since I haven't figured out the omnipresent thing, I had to figure out how to multitask.

One was an event that wasn't a "must" to attend, but I really, really wanted to be there.

The second I knew that I could record and write on the meeting later.

The third I thought I should really be there, so I went.

I sent my apologies to the first and put a phone at the second with their permission to record and attended the third.

The gamble worked out great. The third meeting concluded early, so I went to the second meeting to sit in on the meeting while my phone finished recording.

I was mesmerized by the information coming from the speaker.

Ok, the topic was drugs.

Being a church lady, and to quote Kathryn Hepburn in the movie, "My Fair Lady", I want to say, "I'm a good girl I yam." so the topic of things like drugs, is something I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about.

I think the last time I pondered something like marijuana was a few years ago when I sat across the table from a couple a bit older than I and we were discussing its use vs. the side effects of some of the prescription drugs that we don't even think about.

In that discussion, I think I came to the conclusion that maybe it could be used medicinally. Then I never gave it another thought.

Until the other night.

As I sat and listened to the speaker talking about the potency and how it's changed over the years and how we just accept something that we don't see a lot of harm in.

Then he talked about all of the kids that get caught up in using other gateways into drugs. Smoking and drinking.

But ultimately he talked the number and that's what got my attention.

Then I started to research some of the information out there about marijuana and found out quickly that it depends where you get your information.

And 5 hours later I was still reading websites about marijuana.

I never did get the story done.

I never thought about the guys on the front lines trying to protect our kids from making bad choices.

I never thought about the kids that struggle with this.

I never thought about the parents that go to sleep every night worrying about their kids.

But I went to a meeting.

I listened to the speaker.

And I started thinking.

At some point, I'll get back to listening to the meeting.

So if I'm at your meeting, and you don't see anything about it, it's because I'm either transposing what I heard from the recording or I got lost in googling the ton of information that you gave me...or maybe I lost my phone, let's hope not.

But to those of you out there taking on this battle, and have let it impact YOUR life to help those of us around us that are struggling and to help other NOT have to struggle by preventing it, thank you.

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