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The Vinton Guild of Fine Arts has been quietly working on several projects that will bring smiles to both the residents and visitors of Vinton. Their first Back Alley Art Mural has arrived on the back wall of the Sherman Building, in the alley across from City Hall.

The group would love for you to take a picture and tag their Facebook page which can be found here! There are other projects in the works that will appear as they are completed. The umbrella project is in progress and currently housed in the homes of one of the members.

The group is also getting ready for the second installment at the library, so the paintbrushes are never sitting still!

Members of the group include: Kim Fischels, Anita Gordon, Kim Frazier, (who are working on the umbrella mural) and Gloria Orcutt and Maggie Johnson have been advising on the project. Dandeena Schadle who owns Pourville Art Studio also brings her expertise to the projects.

If you are interested in joining the guild, through their Facebook page. The group usually meets on Tuesday evenings to paint (except the 2nd Tuesday)

A great big thank you to the Vinton Guild of Fine Arts for sharing your talents with all of us!


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Don Eells December 3, 2021, 11:51 pm All Right!! Well done artists!
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