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Vinton Emergency Service Facility Construction Site Underway

Just last summer the city council heard about plans to build a new Vinton Emergency Services Facility. The location of the new facility will be on the corner of Highway 218/South K Ave. and 13th St.. or on the west edge of the former Braille School Property. The new facility would place all of the emergency services under one roof.

Almost two years ago a committee with members of the Vinton Police Department, Vinton Fire Department, and North Benton Ambulance came together and interviewed several firms to design the facility. Solum Lang Architects was chosen to design the building which would house all three emergency services in one central location. The City approved an agreement with the firm to begin designing the facility last July.

The city has already budgeted money to design the facility. The designers of the project, are from Vinton and Urbana and have a definite interest in being part of the planning.

The project will include 7 bays for the fire department and 4 each for the Police and Ambulance, with support spaces and a joint Training Center. The building will be one story, with conventional steel framing with brick and stone incorporated in the exterior. the size is to be approximately 34,000 square feet and likely to include a FEMA P-351 safe room. The estimated cost will be around $11,900,000 which would not include furniture, fixtures, equipment, fees and financing.

The financing of the project is being provided through several sources:

51% USDA Rural Development $6,435,000

29% Hobart TIF $3,700,000

12% Bonding $1,565,000

7% Iowa Homeland Security $900,000

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