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By Annabelle Newton, Co-Reporter

On Tuesday, February 16, the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA chapter had 5 of their 8 chapter officers attend the Legislative Symposium. They headed to Ankeny early in the morning, where they visited the FFA Enrichment Center on the DMACC campus.

While at the Enrichment Center, the state officer team prepared the 200 FFA members both present and virtually attending for the day ahead. Mike Naig, Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture, and Scott Johnson, the Executive Director of Iowa's FFA Organization, spoke about the importance of agriculture and the legislators that members met later in the day.

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation President, Craig Hill, had a virtual message to the members as well. The state officers then gave the present members an example of conversations that they would have with legislators later in the day.

After wrapping up at the Enrichment Center, the members headed to the capitol building in Des Moines. After arriving they met with Dawn Driscoll, Iowa's Senator-District 38, Dave Maxwell, House of Representatives-District 76, and Thomas Gerhold, House of Representatives-District 75. The members spoke with them about agriculture and how they got to their current positions. They also discussed FFA and the learning opportunities that they've experienced while a part of the organization.

Before leaving the capitol, the members got a tour of the capitol and learned a lot about its history. Overall, the members had a great time together and getting to know representatives of the state while advocating for agriculture and youth programs.

The members take a picture after arriving at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny. Members pictured left to right. Front Row: Annabelle Newton, Maren Redlinger, Emma Wiley. Back Row: Christopher Fleming, Josh Wiley.

The 5 members and Advisor posed for a photo with Dave Maxwell, Dawn Driscoll, and Thomas Gerhold after their meeting.


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