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I had to chuckle as I visited the Christmas display at Kersten's this year. There used to be a new display each year, but that hasn't been the case since the original Kersten passed away.
However, I think that this display might be 2020. For our seeing impaired, it's a photo of Santa's sleigh crashed, Santa has his arm in a sling and he's trying to hitchhike a ride. The reindeer are also bandaged up in the display. It just feels like that's the way the year has been going.

Kersten light display is kicking off their 55th year. To see the lights, click here. The display is located at the corner of 22nd Ave. and 22nd Ave. Trail north of Vinton.
The hours are in this photo:

When you visit, be sure to stop and leave a donation with Shorty to cover the expenses!

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