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Saturday afternoon found the town of Van Horne buzzing with several pickups decked out in Trump flags of every kind. While pickups were in the majority, there were also sports cars, minivans, suvs and sedans. All were sporting flags or posters supporting President Trump. Most of the vehicles contained families or friends enjoying an afternoon cruise through southern Benton County's countryside.

The event was scheduled to meet at the Van Horne Community center but was relocated to an area park where vehicles gathered around the block and down the streets near the park. It was like a giant block party as the group prepared to leave Van Horne, several helping each other secure their flags and banners to the vehicles.

As the crowd gathered, there were several posing with their vehicles and taking pictures of their creations. Laughter abounded and a good time was being had by all those that gathered.

The tour took just a little over 2 hours to complete. The parade of vehicles went through Keystone, Blairstown, Belle Plaine, Newhall, Norway, Luzerne, and Atkins.

Throughout the tour approximately 50 other cars joined in the procession some driving to just the next town before turning around and going back home, some driving a bit farther but all wanting to be part of it, but not wanting to ride the whole length of the ride.

When asked why some of the riders wanted to participate, answers varied between, "Why not?!" and "To have a good time" to the more serious "to show support for our President" and some felt the need to just be heard.

As the group drove through the countryside there were also Trump supporters of all ages from children to retirees, in fields, and along the road cheering as the group passed by. Many enjoying the parade of vehicles and waving their own signs or flags in support.

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"It was like a giant block party"... That doesn't sound like a very responsible thing to do with COVID19 surging in the State.

By: Blaine Schwartz on October 29th 8:44pm

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