In the Governor's statements made on Tuesday, she gave a bit of good news. Iowans really are listening. Traffic according to the IDOT is down by 50% however trucking has not slowed compared to a year ago! That means we are staying home, while supplies are still rolling in!

There is a brand new website up to keep all the current information available to the public. Click to visit for more information.

Continue to listen. Stay home. If you need to go out be sure to stay 6 feet away from others.

Other basic suggestions and just my personal opinion.

Don't hoard the toilet paper!

If you have a month's supply, you'll be good for a while, give someone else a shot at it.

If your pantry is full, stop shopping.

Wearing out our grocery store staff, and those that stock shelves in town, is not good for them either. If you can't see the back of your cupboards, you have enough food. If your freezer barely shuts, you're good. If you are shopping in a crowded store, that's not good either. Stay home.

Making the local grocery store into an oversized clown car is one of the dumbest moves at this time.

Stop panicking!

It's not pretty out there, it's a bit scary if you think about the danger of this virus. But stop raising your blood pressure over something you cannot control. When there's an emergency, the best response is not to panic, but keep a calm level head. This is an emergency and it requires calm. Panic brings about crazy decisions.

Be Wise.

Follow the guidelines, wash your hands, stay home, stay 6 feet away from anyone not in your house, and don't go near anyone elderly just in case you are carrying it and don't know it. If you HAVE to travel, be aware of the situation in the areas you have to travel, if you need to, gas is cheap, take a different route.


If you aren't a praying person, ignore this paragraph. We are in a time that has a lot of scared people. Our children might be feeling scared. Our old people need extra protection and good health. There is a lot to pray for. But pray for our medical staff, our leaders and for those that have to be out dealing with complete strangers not knowing if they are facing this virus. Pray for their safety. Pray for our leaders.

Avoid the Virus and potentially sharing it

Fear and panic are not going to make this virus go away. Getting angry isn't going to help. It's here. So let's deal with it, by avoiding it.

Don't be doing anything dumb. Don't try to sneak over to see mom and dad at the care facilities. There are people there to take care of them. If you need to send something to your relatives, there is the mail. If you need something delivered, contact the people in charge, I'm sure you can leave it at the door. But don't risk their health and everyone at these locations. Even if mom and dad try to guilt you into it, don't do it. It's your turn to be the adult.

If you work in these facilities, go directly to work and directly home. You are the lifeline of the elderly in your care.

Most importantly, if you are feeling sick, and you're "sure" it's nothing, stay home. None of us love you that much! Listen to your body, it will tell you when something isn't right.


I'm going to keep saying it. You can only take so much. Trust me you'll feel better about everything by taking some time to laugh, have a good belly laugh. Yes, this is serious, very serious. But when you've done all that you can do, find something good. Find something funny. It's not wrong, to laugh during an emergency. It will lower your blood pressure, it lowers your blood sugar and boosts your immune system and over all, and it really does make you feel better.

Am I concerned, you bet. If you aren't you should be.

So be wise out there, but most importantly, stay home!

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