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Sunday was Kenidi Root's 9th birthday. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to see friends on her special day.  Sure there were some waves shared from the window, and some surprises left at the door, but she wanted to spread some kindness of her own. "We went on a chalk run and decided to leave positive notes on the sidewalks and driveways for others to see." said mom Virginia.

Spread a little joy like Kenidi, it can be as simple as some chalk in your pocket!

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Comments (4)

🥳 HaPpY BiRtHdAy,Kenidi 🥳
By: Vicky Buckingham on March 25th 12:58pm
Happy Birthday Kenidi from all of your classmates in 3H! We will celebrate when we get back to school!
By: Laurie Hyland on March 25th 3:27pm
Happy birthday Kenidi, that was an awesome way to celebrate!
By: Virginia Lindsey on March 25th 4:11pm
A belated Happy Birthday Kenidi! Love your chalk drawings.
By: Ruth Schafbuch on March 25th 4:41pm

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