Area moms are stepping up to help with education while kids are out of school. They are providing the kind of education that kids might not understand is good for them. Seeing, exploring and just having some relaxing fun while learning. (Just don't tip the kids off that it's educational!)

On the Farm

Jennie Birker is a gal that can probably create, repair or invent anything you need. She's come up with a plan to share a bit of education with folks in the area that might wonder what happens on the farm. She works with her husband at the Birker Cattle Company.

"Join us for a Facebook live on Friday's during the Covid-19 outbreak. Every Friday at 10:00 we will introduce you to something new from the farm! Learn about our animals, where they live, how we care for them, their food and the equipment we use." The link to join the event is here!

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