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A speed test was the first order of business when Matt Baker, the FARR Technologies staff member who has been working in Vinton since early in the project, connected the iVinton office to the new fiber network on Wednesday, February 12th. The connection with the company iVinton was using tested at 6.09 megabits for download speed and .58 for upload. The iVinton connection tested at 933.4 for the download speed and 941.65 for upload.

“A number of things can have an impact on the speed of the connection in addition to the delivery method,” explained Baker. “Loss of speed from antivirus software is pretty common, for example, so I’m not surprised we were slightly under 1,000 megabits (1 gig) or that there was variation between upload and download speeds. What really matters is 933 to 6 on the same computer running the same software.”

According to Tom Richstmeier, Vinton utilities general manager, crews are set to restart construction early in the spring. “There’s no reason to wait for proof that iVinton will deliver the speeds you want,” said Richstmeier, “we ran the test, and it performs just as we expected it to.”

Richstmeier also shared that iVinton is asking customers to sign up for services as soon as possible to assure people can be connected quickly. “I’m worried that people won’t sign up now because they don’t think there’s any hurry, and then we will get a large number of sign-ups as more and more people have service. If we have a lot of sign-ups late in the process people may be very disappointed because they’ll be waiting while we work through the backlog. We already have nearly 500 installations to do, and that’s going to take a while. By acting now, you’ll be on the list sooner and the entire construction process will be faster.”

To sign up for services, visit .

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Comments (4)

The download speeds are not necessarily the host. It's usually up to the website connecting network speeds. Difference can be night and day no matter you provider.
By: Gene Geiger on February 16th 1:23am
500 installations to do. Seems like that is so out of the realm of possibilities according to the article. Hurry up. Time's a wastin'.
By: Gene Geiger on February 16th 2:14am
For the gamers out there, look at that Ping of 2. I don't think I've ever seen that low a number except on a closed network. I'm hoping for an early Spring and a quick install.
By: Orville Sanders on February 17th 1:27pm
A ping of 2ms is fantastic, thought that is just from Vinton to Cedar Rapids, so not terribly surprising. Such a short hop should be able to maintain full bandwidth and speed. Would have been nice to include the graph of the test to see consistency.

Would be nice to see some 'real world' numbers, like tests to either coast.

The numbers on the competing test imply that it was run on DSL, so likely rhymes with Penitentiary Clink, but the blurred out destination does not appear to be the same ImOn Communications LLC, Cedar Rapids.

My own numbers to ImOn are 23ms 78M/11M on a cable package comparable in price to iVinton's 100/100 package.

Spring cant come soon enough!
By: Paul Williams on February 21st 1:46pm

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