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With the caucuses in Iowa on the radar of every presidential candidate’s mind, Vinton has had the opportunity to host some of the bigger candidates in the race.

Former Vice President the Honorable Joe Biden made a stop on Saturday to the Vinton Tilford middle school. With close to 200 residents in attendance, he spoke to the crowd addressing current events and at time pulling his relationships with other Iowans out to share their stories as well.

Biden currently leads the field of candidates with Bernie Sanders and in third another candidate who made a stop in Vinton, Elizabeth Warren.

To see pictures from the event, click here.

Video can be seen here

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Comments (3)

is this open to the public or do you have to submit a request to attend
By: Jane Midthun on January 3rd 2:34pm
When was it announced where he it was being held? I was watching the paper plus news it said it was still being planned
By: Karl Hartwig on January 6th 11:12pm
joes been in office for 49 yrs and has hardly done any thing for the country and now he wants to run for the wh. But when he was vp he went to ukraine to make his get on board with a gas company which he new nothing about but got on any way. 50k a mth joe committed a crime then but no 1 did any thing about but i guess if your a dem. you above the law.Biden not doing any thing but lying his but off
By: Dean Haack on January 10th 2:21pm

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