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The Lough family takes the belief that every child deserves a parent seriously and since September of 1995 Ray and Patricia have done all they can to prove it. Fostering 73 children, the couple heart selected 11 of those to adopt. Adopting all boys, except 10. With 4 children at home now, Trinity, 16, Trina 11, Natalie 9, Darla, 7 the Loughs won't be empty nesters any time soon.

With the family dressed in their Sunday best, they arrived at the Juvenile Justice Center in Cedar Rapids hoping to hear for the 10th and 11th times, that they were parents.

The family accompanied by Ray's brother Don and Grandma Donna Lough arrived together. Friends of the family also came along for moral support and to share in the excitement. While waiting, the matriarch Donna Lough explained that Ray was the middle child, with 4 older and 4 younger brothers and sisters, so large families aren't intimidating to the Loughs.

Ray and Patricia have been caring for the eldest of the two girls since the evening of May 5, 2017 after receiving a call to meet in Marengo at 12:30 in the morning. Trinity and an older sister who is now an adult came home with the Loughs that night. Darla joined the family later that year in August after the persistence of the oldest daughter to bring her into the home. Arriving with just the clothes on their backs the two older girls were among a group of 7 children that were divided among 5 different homes in the middle of the night.

While waiting to see the judge on Friday, the youngest of the two, dressed in a white dress, Darla, whispered, "I'm a little bit nervous" and then ran up to her soon to be dad for a hug. "Who's your buddy?" asked Ray, "You are!" she quickly replied with a grin. After finding her safe place, she quickly flitted off to pick on her uncle Don, who has nicknamed her "Sparkplug" and from watching the little girl, she sure has the "spark" down.

As the family entered the courtroom and settled in for the proceedings, Judge Barbara Liesveld put them at ease inviting the two girls to sit at their own table if they chose to "Just talk into the microphone." Eagerly jumping into a chair at her own table, Darla, was quick to use the microphone.

Emotions were high for both adoptees, one young enough oblivious to what she was leaving and the other old enough to understand completely what this meant for her.

As the normal procedures began, the Loughs presenting their case with the necessary paperwork.

We sat in the courtroom, and as the proceedings carried on there was one little girl that could not contain herself. "I'm so excited!" she said, "I've never been adopted before!" which made everyone in the room chuckle. "And you won't again!" replied the judge.

In the hearing on Friday, the couple received the approval of the court for the adoptions of both Trinity and Darla.

The family also had another memorable November 1st. Grandma Lough remembers the date because of an announcement that changed the future of Ray's life some fifty plus years ago. That was the day that she found out her baby son had cancer, but now she has a better memory of the day.

Later in the day, the Lough family hosted friends and family as they welcomed the new members of the family. Members of the local legal firms attended as well as friends from their church and community to congratulate the family.

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Wonderful pictures! Everyone involved just bettered their lives.
By: Larry Kettler on November 7th 8:39pm

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