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Vinton murals being relocated so that they can be repainted during the Sesquicentennial Celebration

Two of Vinton’s downtown murals took a short road trip today.

Beginning at 7 a.m. this morning, a crew removed the “Shop Vinton” Vinton Mural that was hanging on the back of the Ketchen building and moved it a block east. The mural now hangs on the west wall of the Happel building where it will be repainted in August as well.

With the coordination of three area businesses Tharp Design, Elwick Electric, and Henry’s Welding out of Mt. Auburn, the murals were removed and relocated.

The Baseball Mural located on the side of Nick’s TV and Appliance building will be relocated to McDowell’s west wall where it can be more easily re-painted during the celebration in August. It first will need a few repairs so you won't see it for a little while.

During the August celebration, there will be five new murals painted and six will be updated.

The following murals will be updated:

SHOP VINTON: 101 W 4th St. (Ketchen Inc.)

SWEETCORN DAY: Corner of A Ave & 4th Street (Cooling Dance Studio)

BASEBALL: 420 2nd Ave

THE FIRST TRAIN TO VINTON: Corner of 1st Ave & 5th Street (Cedar River Ink)


BENTON COUNTY FAIR: Corner of A Ave & 4th Street (Clingman Pharmacy)

Four of our existing murals offer a fun and exciting way to expand our history with a smaller companion mural (mounted close to the larger mural) to showcase the quality of life we enjoy in Vinton.

BASEBALL – Big league success companioned with little league progress. Located at 420 2nd Ave

A BENTON COUNTY FAIR long-standing Blue Ribbon Affair companioned with a child’s enthusiasm of a day at the fair. Located on the corner of A Ave & 4th Street (Clingman Pharmacy)

One of Iowa’s largest SWEETCORN DAY single day festivals companioned with memories from the parade route and town-wide sweetcorn picnic. Located on the corner of A Ave & 4th Street (Cooling Dance Studio)

FIRST TRAIN TO VINTON – Complimented with a companion mural of passenger service to Vinton. Located on the corner of 1st Ave & 5th Street (Cedar River Ink)

EDUCATING OUR BLIND (Vinton’s 150 Year Legacy)

No other community can share this length of service and commitment to educating the blind and visually impaired residents of the State of Iowa. We believe that it is time to celebrate and showcase this legacy as part of our Sesquicentennial Celebration! We are working closely with the Mary Ingalls Society to gather history and help create a new mural to honor this Vinton history. This mural will find it's permanent home on the second story of 414 W 1st St. (Ron-Da-Voo).

The murals first arrived in 2000 with a group of over 70 "Walldogs", artists from the United States who made our local history come alive again. If you are interested in helping to house the Walldogs in August, please contact Melissa at the Vinton Unlimited office (472-3955) or Jon Clingman.

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