In one week and one day, 484 Vinton residents have requested a site survey
of their property in preparation for being Fiber Ready. On Monday,
June 3rd, a newly reconfigured iVinton website, was launched to provide
information about Vinton’s fiber-to-the-premises project and an
opportunity to sign-up for a site survey. The purpose of the site survey
is to identify the best location for a duct from the right-of-way to
the home or business and is a required first step in connecting
properties to the new fiber-optic communications system.

Vinton Municipal Utilities board member Kim Meyer helped launch the iVinton
website with a video that has reached more than 8,000 people on the
iVinton Facebook page and has been shared 70 times. In addition to
sharing information and allowing for site survey requests through the
website, a printed iVinton site survey request form will be included in
June utility bills.

The community of Vinton is divided into six zones. Construction is planned to begin first in the zone having the highest number of homes or businesses that have requested a Fiber Ready site survey. At present, the Blue Zone is in the lead with 31% of the
residents signing up for the site survey. The other zones are close
behind with 27% sign-ups in the next closest zone. Residents can see how
their zone is doing and who has already signed up by visiting the
iVinton site and clicking on “request a site survey,” or by clicking on
the link above.

During the next few weeks, technicians will call those who have requested a site survey to set up an appointment. During the site survey, technicians will identify the best location for the duct at your address and the best location inside your home or business
for equipment like Wi-Fi routers, TV receivers, DVR equipment, etc.

The iVinton project began with a vote in 2015 authorizing the establishment
of a municipal communications utility. Voters overwhelmingly supported
the project, with 88% voting in favor of the new utility. Since 2015 the
general manager of the Vinton Municipal Electric Utility, volunteers,
VMEU board members, and a variety of consultants have worked to begin
offering services in 2019.

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Where is this zone map? I went to the ivinton website & I can't find where to view this map to know what zone we are in or how many in our zone have signed up.

Copy the following link into your address bar:
By: Valerie Bearbower on June 11th 6:48pm

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