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Thursday through Saturday of this week, Blessed Hope Community Church is holding their annual local "mission trip."

The event reaches those in the community by lending a hand to those that might need a little extra help. Thursday's event found some of the congregation in the Old School Produce field, gardening at homes, putting siding on one home and a roof on another. In Mt. Auburn part of the team repaired the foundation as well as sealing windows and other tasks around the home of a veteran. The Benton County Historical Society also had a team working at the Ray House and the Horridge House cleaning and weeding.

Even the children are in on the event. During the day the children were taken to the park for some play time, and a group went to the Lutheran Home to play Bingo with the residents and some went to Vinton Parks apartments and shared a time of fun and food there.

While this is happening there's a team working hard to feed a couple hundred people back in the church kitchen preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and supper.

Photos of some of the activities can be seen here.

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