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The 8th grade Vinton Shellsburg class, received several President's Awards last night.

Emceeing the evening was Mrs. Petersen.

Several of the 8th graders received either the President's Award for Educational Excellence or the President's Award for Educational Achievement.

Matt Boggess was the guest speaker and encouraged the students to appreciate the family and friends in their lives and to never stop asking, "Why?" and never to quit, sharing his experiences and successes because of this thinking. He also reminded the students to hold their family close as they enter the next stage of their lives.

The first award given was the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence. This is given to the students who maintain an 85% or higher average in the state assessment tests, 84% in Math, maintain a 3.5 or higher in 6th and 7th grade and be proficient on all the standards. There were 47 students who received this award. The second was the Presidential Award for Educational Achievement.

Lists of all the winners are available in the photo album link below.

To see a video of the event, click here, for photos click here!

Congratulations students!

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