Benton County farmers are reaching out to the community to seek donations for the farmers in southwest Iowa.

Area farmer, Lance Lillibridge, District 6, Iowa Corn Growers Association Representative of Vinton, has helped to put a video together as a fundraiser to help those in need. To watch a video about the need click here.

In 2011, The Lillibridge farm was hit with the straight line winds taking out part of their farm, so they know what it's like to be affected by a natural disaster while trying to provide necessary food to the country.

The Benton County Corn growers have already made a donation toward the cause and are seeking your help.

100% of the money raised will go to helping farmers who have been affected by the recent flooding that has devastated the agricultural industry in southwest Iowa.

The Benton County Corn Producers will be working with the Iowa Corn District 7 Committee (SW Iowa) to assess what farmers in the area need most at this time, whether it is cleaning supplies, fencing supplies, clothes, groceries, feed. Not only do these farmers need material things, but they need our support in every aspect, as they try to move forward from this catastrophe.

Please feel free to reach out to anyone on the Benton County Corn board, District 7 Committee or District Field Managers with Iowa Corn. Danielle Balvin-District Field Manager, 515-802-9923. Checks may be sent to Benton County Corn Growers, 5736 28th Ave., Vinton IA 52349

If you would like to donate online click here and then simply click on the donate button.

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