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iVinton is a group of citizens asking voters to approve forming a telecommunications utility in Vinton. Its members are a diverse group of people, some with highly technical skills and many others who are interested in moving the community forward.

The group believes the most important message is that a “Yes” vote on November 3rd doesn't require any expenditure and doesn't commit the community to follow any specific course of action. Voting "Yes" merely allows Vinton to investigate options for the future of internet, cable, and voice communications.

Ten years after the failed telecommunications vote of 2005, Vinton lags most other Benton County communities in providing faster, more reliable, and more affordable telecommunications. Communities in Benton County with fiber-optic infrastructure include Garrison, Van Horne, Mt. Auburn, Norway, Watkins, Keystone, Newhall, and Atkins. Shellsburg and Urbana will soon join those communities with projects already planned or underway. The communities in our county still relying on outdated technology include Luzerne, Belle Plaine, Blairstown....and Vinton.

If you would like to learn more or become active in the group please visit the iVinton website. You can support the effort by registering that you are a supporter, asking for a yard sign, or planning and participating in upcoming events.

Current iVinton members include:

Jason Hicok, a Senior Software Engineer III, Go-Daddy, and Committee Treasurer.

Nathan Hesson, former Director of Vinton Unlimited and co-owner of Hesson Properties.

Brandon Farmer, Assistant Director of Technology for the Vinton Shellsburg School District.

Kurt Karr, owner of Monkeytown and Committee Chair.

Ray Knoff, Principle Systems Engineer for Rockwell.

Kim Meyer, Director of Curriculum and Technology for the Vinton-Shellsburg Community School District.

Bob Noren, President, CurveCommerce.

Kathy Tranel, Vinton Branch Manager of Regions Bank.

Eric Upmeyer, teacher of communications at the Vinton High School.

Again, if you would like to participate in the group please request to be included at our website,


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