Benton County Public Health Director and Virginia Gay Hospital Director of Home Health, Melissa Smith, RN, BSN is making the public aware of an update released regarding the confirmation of measles cases in the state of Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Public Health has announced a second case of measles has been confirmed in Iowa, through testing at the State Hygienic Lab. This case is an unvaccinated Northeast Iowa resident, who is a household contact of the recently confirmed measles case (an unvaccinated Northeast Iowa resident with recent travel to Israel, where measles transmission is occurring).

This person was identified as part of the initial case investigation and was under a public health voluntary confinement order in the home to prevent further exposures. Because this second measles case has been isolated at home during the measles incubation period, there is no current threat to the general public.

As first reported, these are the first cases of measles in Iowa since 2011, and it serves as a reminder for all Iowans to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. Vaccines prevent diseases and save lives.

To view the initial announcement on the first confirmed measles case earlier this week, please visit

If you have questions or concerns regarding vaccines and vaccination schedules for your family, your best resource is your primary health care provider. Learn more about the providers in all the Virginia Gay family medical clinics located in Benton County by visiting,

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