A record number of Iowans are saying "yes" to organ, tissue, and eye donation resulting in hundreds of lives saved in 2018. Iowa Donor Network (IDN) reports that in 2018, Iowa had the highest number of organ donors in the state's history. In total, 74 deceased donors gave the gift of life which resulted in 248 organs transplanted, also the most ever in Iowa's history. IDN credits the record with giving, caring Iowans and an innovative and responsive healthcare system.

"Iowans continue to show compassion by registering as donors and saying, 'yes', to donation when the opportunity arises," says CEO Suzanne Conrad. "We are so thankful for the generosity of the donors and their families and the incredibly dedicated healthcare providers that help carry out these wishes."

A record number of Iowans also registered as organ, tissue, and eye donors in 2018: There are currently 1.8 million Iowans on the Iowa Donor Registry. Nationally, 54% of adults are registered donors, Iowa is well above the average with 73% of adults on the registry. IDN provides professional and public education on the importance of organ, tissue, and eye donation. IDN also collaborates with several statewide agencies including the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Health and groups including the Iowa Association of County Medical Examiners, the Iowa Hospital Association and the Iowa EMS Association to raise awareness and maximize donation opportunities.

"Donation gives a person the chance to leave an incredible legacy," says Conrad, "and provides a small glimmer of light in what is a dark time for their families. Additionally, recipients are given the hope of returning to work, school or just spending time with friends and family. Organ donation is truly the gift of life."

Anyone can register as a donor, regardless of age or medical history. For more information please visit www.iadn.org

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