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Virginia Gay Hospital welcomes Dr. Emily Guerber to the Vinton Family Medical Clinic. Dr. Guerber received her M.D. from the University of Minnesota and completed a residency at the Mayo program in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She is the fifth physician now practicing at Virginia Gay’s Vinton clinic. In addition to seeing patients in the clinic, Dr.

Make ASAC part of your gidivg Tuesday

By ASAC · December 2nd, 2019
On Tuesday, December 3, ASAC will participate in Giving Tuesday. It is a day when the world of good organizations is doing a lot of asking to raise awareness of our needs. We are hoping that you join us in our Three Wishes for Giving Tuesday effort! Wish #1 – PreventionWish #2 – TreatmentWish #3 – Recovery If you believe in ASAC’s work to help individuals and families address the challenges of substance use and gambling disorders, then please help us by:Sharing our need with your friends.

Urbana Family Medical Clinic celebrates expansion of services

By Virginia Gay Hospital · November 25th, 2019
Virginia Gay Hospital and the Urbana Family Medical Clinic celebrated the recent completion of an expansion project at the Urbana clinic with a ribbon-cutting and open house on Thursday, November 21. The community was invited to tour the updated facility with the notable enhancements of four exam rooms, x-ray services, a larger waiting room, a community pharmacy, and an additional primary care provider.

Peer Recovery Zone Meeting held every Wednesday

By Vinton Today · November 21st, 2019
Peer Recovery Zone Meeting We offer free peer recovery zone meetings for adults 18 and over. Peer Recovery provides a safe, fun, caring, and supportive space where adults can connect with others who share similar life experiences. Peer groups increase a sense of belonging and positive mental health.

Leadership Musings

By ASAC · November 20th, 2019
Several times a week someone in the community takes me aside and asks me about treatment for substance use disorder or gambling abuse. It is a stark reminder that these health issue affects someone in almost every family. It is so important that we talk about this within our families and not give up on the individual who may have challenged the family with their behaviors.

Anyone who has raised a child (or been a child) in the last 50 years has surely been thankful for the education, entertainment and connection provided by Sesame Street. Now those lovable Muppets are offering something else to be thankful for. Earlier this year, a new character was introduced as part of the Sesame Street in Communities foster care initiative.

Breast Cancer Survivors to meet December 2

By Vinton Today · November 18th, 2019
Breast Cancer Survivorswill meet Monday, December 1 at Windsor Manor in the dining room at 5:45 for the annual Christmas get together. Please bring a snack to share and a $10 gift for the exchange. Reminder: Our group will not have regular meetings in January or February. If you have questions, call Deb Wilberg 472-4042, Angie Tharp 472-2994, Lu Karr 319-5609408 or Janet Woodhouse 472-4862.

Immediate Medical Response (IMR) Class Offered

By Vinton Today · November 13th, 2019
(The class you take after Stop the Bleed.)Have you taken STB and want to know more in-depth information and practice the skills more? This is that class. IMR is a hands-on class, while not required highly encouraged.This class will cover the following:Anatomy & PhysiologyMARCH algorithm (TCCC based)Movement techniquesScenarios(This is not an all encompassing list.

Survive Today offers Stop the Bleed Class for 2019

By Vinton Today · November 12th, 2019
The final class of 2019 will be offered by Survive Today on Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 6-8 p.m. at the North Benton Ambulance Service on W. 4th St.This class will cover:Basic and relevant anatomyCalling 911Direct pressureWound packingTourniquetsChest sealsClass time: 1800 - 2000North Benton has hosted several STB (Stop the Bleed) classes this year resulting in students leaving prepared to deal with life-threatening hemorrhage.

We all need connection. Connectedness between individuals; between families and the greater community; among community organizations and institutions. Connectedness refers to a sense of being cared for, supported, and belonging, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to the CDC, strong, positive relationships with others can be highly protective against suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

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