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Vinton Today contacted each of the Vinton-Shellburg candidates for the school board asking them to share a bit about themselves and their experience. I also asked the candidates to address a couple of issues that they could face over the length of their term. The first was concerning a statement that the United States Attorney General Merrick Garland issued concerning threats and intimidation of School Board members. (A copy will be included below.) I specifically asked what each candidate thought should merit a call to the FBI. Secondly on the issue of COVID, the risk and prevention I asked them to address their thoughts about mask-wearing and their feelings about mandating a vaccine for school-aged children. Their responses are below.

My name is Justin Nosbisch, I have been a resident of the Vinton Shellsburg Community School District for 13 years. I live just north of Vinton on a small acreage with my wife Whitney (Pfluphaught) a graduate of VSCSD and our 4 children, Callie and Ayden (Middle schoolers) Leni (2nd Grade), and Korbin who will attend 4-year-old preschool next year.

I have been in education now for 18 years, and have had the opportunity to experience many different roles and responsibilities in the school setting. I have had experience in many facets such as administration, instructional coach in charge of teaching, learning, and data, English language arts teacher, and as a special education teacher. My approach to the educational process has always been about a growth mindset and being learning-centered. Not only with the teachers but with myself as well.I am interested in serving on the school board for that exact reason, I want to see our district seek continuous growth and improvement. I believe that we have always had a strong district, with good, caring, involved families but as districts and open-enrollment rules change I would like to see our district continue to be innovative, student-centered, and aggressive to stand out above and beyond our neighboring districts. I believe we have the right superintendent that is solution-oriented, pushing us towards that constant improvement and it has rejuvenated me to focus on the positive impacts that I, too, can have on education, teacher performance, and increasing student achievement.

While running for the school board I would like to see our community continue to focus on early childhood education, the lack of availability of qualitydaycare, continued support in special programming, and helping our students to prepare to be productive members of society. I want to work to reform our system to make it more conducive to helping our teachers grow and learn from their experiences, peers, and what results they are seeing from their students so that we can increase the effectiveness of our school, continue to coach, provide effective feedback and professional development.

I am also hoping to help make a difference in growing our partnerships with area businesses, parks and recreation, and our county's events that are held in our area so that we can continue to build a better welcoming community.

I am looking forward to serving on the school board,not only for my kids future but for your kids as well.


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