Benton County Supervisors addressed yet again the lifting of restrictions of county buildings following the COVID requirements that were put in place. The Governor lifted mask restrictions back on February 7th of this year, while Benton County continues the policy in all government buildings.

Sheriff Ron Tippett reported that he met with the Security Committee, as well as the Director of Public Health, and Scott Hanson with Emergency Management. Vaccines in the county are at 50% according to Public Health. At this time they see no reason why we should operate with appointments after the April 15th date, except for the driver's license part of the Treasurer's Office, so that they can clean equipment between each use. It was also reported that several county employees received their second vaccine on April 1st, so by the 15th of April it is felt that they should have some protection

There will still be screening at the door, taking temperatures, asking questions, masks and social distancing requirements.

The only change after the 15th is that there will be no need for appointments except to get a driver's license at the Treasurer's Office after the April 15th date.

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