Actually, he—or she—is probably a browser in the Center Point Friends of the Library Book Nook.

The Andersen Center Point Public Library is open for—masked—business again. And so is the Friends used book sales room.

No need to call for an appointment, just drop in during the Library regular Covid hours (M-W-Th, 3:30-8 and T-F, 8-12:30).

You can get your well-sanitized hands on some good honest-to-goodness book browsing in the Library stacks again.

And on some good bargains in the Friends Book Nook. Prices are 1 dollar for hardcovers, 50 cents for paperbacks, and 25 cents for all children’s books. Because of the combination of Covid closing and Covid cleaning, the shelves are spilling over with everything from lightly-read recent best sellers to antique classics. There are magazines and often other treasurers like jigsaw puzzles and novelty cake pans.

Friends of the Library is a non-profit volunteer and fund-raising organization for the Library. New members are wildly welcome. Dues are $5. Monthly meetings are still on Covid pause.

Please call president Sharon Hannen, 721-6948, if you are interested in getting involved when Friends fires up again as Covid burns out.

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