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Vinton Residents will now be able to report a nuisance to the City of Vinton directly. Before now, residents contacted a council member or the Mayor to voice complaints. Neither the council nor the Mayor is in charge of taking care of these issues.

The city introduced a new form that can be filled out online and submitted making it easier for residents to have their complaints heard. The complaint form has a place to check the type of nuisance, leave additional comments and a place to leave your name so that if the authorities have more questions about the nature of the complaint, making it easier to follow up.

The types of nuisances listed include:

Abandoned vehicle(s)/boats/campers

Building Code


Obstruction of sidewalk/street/alley

Weeds/overgrown lawn, trees and/or shrubs

Noxious odors

Obnoxious noise

Unsafe dwelling/building/structure

Discarded junk/trash and the like

Construction without a permit

Property line dispute

Just in case there is something not covered, there is a slot labeled, "Other (please describe)."

The new form can be found on the city website under Government, Forms, Nuisance Property Information or you can simply click here.

Fill in, print, send OR fill in, save on your computer then email!

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