Largest Glowing Walking Trail in the Country

In line with Vinton's motto, "The City of Lights" the council heard plans from Vinton Parks and Rec Director, Matt Boggess for creating what is believed to be the largest glowing walking path in the country. The cost of the glowing aggregate will be half the cost at $22 per pound which should cover a 4 X 4 area. The stone will be an Emerald Yellow. Boggess said it takes 15 minutes of sunlight for 15 hours of glow time, The path will require 3,840 pounds of the stone at a cost of $84,480. Watch for the path, well, it won't be hard to see after dark!

Splash Pad

Decisions were made concerning change orders of the splash pad that is being built. One of the orders was approved at an additional $4,041 while the council questioned the other change at a cost of $9,950 and was tabled. The second change was an additional cost to stabilize the area in which the council felt should have been taken into consideration upon planning for the project.


The council also heard about sludge that is rising at the sewage plant causing issues. It's believed that the sludge is old and is just now floating to the top. The plant collects this in a containment area then it is later disposed of. The plant is going to be purchasing equipment to deal with this at a later time. The plant is at capacity storing the sludge and will be seeking bids to haul the sludge away.


The airport was also a topic of discussion. The city has been applying for grants and matching or contributing to the projects so that the airport will qualify for funding. Brian Parr suggested that perhaps it's time to think outside the box when it comes to the airport.

The airport has been working with the FAA on several projects and working with a consultant to meet all the requirements for the projects. Parr feels like perhaps the city might consider other options as he feels like it is not benefitting Vinton. He suggested the idea of construction on the land to bring in more income to the airport as well as the city taking care of some of the projects rather than working through the FAA.

The council agreed to reach out to Benton County Development to see what their thoughts were on locating businesses to the property in hopes of developing it into something that could bring income to the airport. Right now the airport is bringing in around $12,000 for land rent around the property and it is hoped that there could be other income generated. As of now, the council will be considering all options to provide income for the airport.

Vinton Signs Purchase agreement

It's official, the city entered into a purchase agreement with the Iowa Board of Regents to purchase the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School property, for just $1. The city will retain ownership for roughly one month after which it will be turned over to Hobart Historic Restorations to develop.

Golf Cart Ordinance Finalized

The city read and approved at the final reading to adopt the new golf cart ordinance. The ordinance restricts golf carts from driving on 3rd St. from K Ave. (Hwy 218) to 9th Ave. as it is an Emergency route, and on 4th St. where it is divided as it is one lane from 3rd Ave. to 9th Ave. Driving on Highways 150 and 218 is also prohibited.

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