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I’m Bruce Adams, and I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to run for the State Senate in District 38.

My wife , Janie, works at the Highland Ridge Care Center in Williamsburg. We have two sons. Brett, who lives in San Diego, recently completed five years in the Marines, and is finishing a college degree this month. Our other son, Greg, is an Air Force Veteran, currently lives in Singapore, is teaching English, and hopes to return to the Chicago area in June.

A sister, Karen, lives in Illinois, and is a Vice President of the American Medical Association. My other sister, Suzanne, is retired and lives in the Indianapolis area.

I like to immerse myself in as many activities as I can, to learn more, and have a better understanding of what goes on in the district. I have a real interest in continuing my public service, and learning how to represent the interests and issues that people are concerned about.

I was an Information Specialist when I was an Enlisted Member of the Air Force, working in the areas of writing and communications. I was also a Weapons Procurement Officer, as an Officer in the Air Force, and worked in the financial area of the MX/Peacekeeper Missile development.

I worked for several years in Aerospace Finance , and I’ve worked as a Financial Consultant to Aerospace firms. I have 25 years of experience in many forms of advertising.

I’m currently a County Supervisor, and appreciate the learning experiences that are involved. I’m also on ten County and Regional Boards and Commissions that are associated with being a Supervisor. They range from Workforce Iowa ( employment and training issues) to Early Childhood Iowa ( which supports individual child care and childcare centers).

I’m a writer for a County newspaper, writing features and covering a variety of community interests .

I’m a Board Member and the Public Relation/ Media Coordinator for the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight. It’s extremely rewarding to thank Veterans with a day of visiting their monuments in Washington D.C.

I’m the Williamsburg American Legion Post Commander, the President of the Iowa American Legion Press Association , and I assist with mobile food pantry deliveries.

I’m the former Vice Chairman of the Iowa County Republican Central Committee, was a delegate to Republican County, District, and State Conventions , and helped to organize County Caucuses in 2018.

I have Bachelor’s Degrees in English/ Communications from Trinity College in Illinois, and in Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma

If the Covid- 19 virus is still a factor by next January, I’ll work with healthcare workers and business owners to try to chart a reasonable path that minimizes personal risk and permanent damage to the Iowa economy.

Tax Relief- Iowa still ranks as the second highest individual tax rate in this part of the Midwest, and I’ll support efforts to lower that.

I’ll support infrastructure improvements - roads, bridges, and maintenance. There are surveys that say that Iowa has the ninth worst roads and bridges in the Country. We need better cooperation between the State, Counties, and communities on this.

I’ll also support our schools, including mental health assistance when needed.

I’m a strong supporter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights promises- no compromises on the Second Amendment, and the maintenance of individual freedoms and rights.

I believe that legal immigration is based on Federal laws that we already have, and that the State needs to help enforce those laws.

Where will the money come from for these priorities ?- I don’t see any real efforts to examine the details of what’s already being spent. Everyone seems to automatically get a percentage increase over what they spent last year. I’m convinced that there are efficiencies to be gained by looking for cost savings and the consolidation of services.

There will be a lot to learn, and I’ll admit it when I don’t know something, then do my homework.

I’ll be an available State Senator, and consider everyone’s criticisms and ideas.

I want to avoid entanglements with special interest groups that won’t always represent the people of the District. I’m not accepting contributions; I’m funding my own campaign.

Thank you for your consideration, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to run for the State Senate in this district.

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