Benton County was open for camping as of 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Modern restrooms and shower houses remain closed. Pit toilets are open. Cabins, shelters, offices, nature centers remain closed.

"Campsites are designed with enough separation between camping units, so we are not enforcing patrons using every other site," said Karen Phelps, Executive Director of Benton County Conservation.

Please note the following regulations considering the campgrounds. These notices will be posted at area campgrounds throughout Benton County:


Benton County Conservation Campgrounds are now open
and operating at a Level 1.This 3 level opening process is
intended to guide the measured opening of campgrounds and
facilities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The timing of
each level will be determined through continued coordination
between State and local agencies with the Iowa County
Conservation Boards, and the Board of Supervisors.

Please read the following Level 1 Protocols:

• Campground use is restricted to self-contained
units only. Self-contained is defined as a tent or
pop-up camper with a portable toilet or an RV
with a functioning, self-contained bathroom

• Campsite occupancy is limited to 6 people
Unless the household contains more than 6

• No Visitors

•Everyone is expected to practice proper social
distancing (6 feet) at all times

• All modern restroom and shower facilities will
remain closed

• All pit toilets are open but are not equipped with
hand sanitizer or soap. Please bring your own
product to use.

• All shelters will remain closed

• All playgrounds will remain closed

• All cabins and yurts remain closed and
reservations will not be accepted until
further notice

• No firewood sales until further notice

All of the above WILL BE ENFORCED!

If caught violating any of the above
you may receive a fine and/or
will be removed from the park with no refund

Thanks for your understanding, patience, and
support during this unusual time!


General Covid-19 guidance
In an effort to keep us all healthy and reduce the spread of Covid-19 please read the following:

• If you are sick, feeling ill, having symptoms, or have a
fever DO NOT enter our parks; Please stay home

• Take your temperature before entering our parks,
frequently during your stay, and before leaving

• If while at our parks, you begin to feel ill, please notify
Park Staff and leave the park, with your family unit, as
soon as possible. Please follow CDC guidelines for self-isolation.


- At all times maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between
you and other patrons

- Wear a mask if social distancing is difficult to maintain

- Wear a mask when interacting with Park Staff

- Pit toilets and dump stations are operational but are not
equipped with hand sanitizer, soap, or gloves. Please
bring your own product for use.

- Practice good hygiene by washing and sanitizing your
hands frequently

- Campsite occupancy is limited to 6 people. No visitors.

- Monitor your children at all times with Covid-19
guidelines and restrictions in mind

Click to view the Iowa Campground and Facility Opening and Management Protocols for COVID-19

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