This last week was a very busy one with the first funnel week just completed, and we look with optimism to improve the laws for everyone in this great state.

I have some good news and not so good news of the bills I’ve been working on. The inheritance tax reduction bill and the tax reduction on bonuses paid to people re-enlisting for military service did not make it out of their committees. I do have a new plan for next year for these to make them more appealing. Also, the farm tenant & landlord bill was voted down in the Ag committee as it didn’t completely correct the problems it was intended for as written.

However, the bill I co-authored – to allow people who are renewing their vehicle registrations to voluntarily donate to a public safety equipment fund, such as computers or body cameras for the Iowa State Patrol, has passed out of committee unanimously and will go to the House floor.

Some very important bills that made it passed the funnel week is the SAVE Extension – House File 546, and Children’s Mental Health System – House Study Bill 206 to get help to our Iowa children who need it.

This past week, I was unable to be at the State Capitol for most of the week. It was a difficult time for my siblings, their families, our relatives and friends, and me, as my sister departed this life. Our loss is heaven’s gain, as she was a wonderful person who touched a lot of people and will be truly missed.

The coming weeks should be exciting at the State House, for which I look forward to helping the people of Iowa grow with some very good common sense legislation.

As always, if you would like to get in touch with me or would like to see YOUR State Capitol, please contact me at thomas.gerhold@legis.iowa.gov or via U.S. Mail at: 1007 East Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA, 50319, or call 515-281-3221. It is a tremendous honor to represent the great people of Benton County and the northern part of Iowa County, thank you and be safe!

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